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Quality Guarantee of Traditional Smoked Meats Madari

The policy of our company is to produce products that are safe for the consumer. Our strong and firm commitment to the care and satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of every department, every employee and every business associate.

We believe that every product includes the quality that comes from the precision of the actions of the persons acting at all critical stages of the supply chain, from the ordering of the raw materials to the sale of the final product.

Since 2005, the principles of the HACCP and ISO 22000 standard for food hygiene and safety have been applied to our new production plant, thus meeting the requirements of modern consumers and legislation. Finally, it has to be said that our company since 2012 is the only one in Cyprus that has been certified with food safety and security, following a visit to our facilities by the Russian Veterinary Services, thus ensuring export license for the Russian market.