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Ham leg, wine, salt.


It is prepared exclusively in the traditional way, with the successful recipe that we have been using for almost half a century. The meat is thoroughly cleaned with unnecessary fats and nerves and placed in salt and then red wine.

They are then exposed to local wood smoke for several weeks to mature and pressed with a press machine to remove the liquids. It is considered to be the dominant Cypriot traditional smoked meat and the most delicious pork preparation of Cyprus. Served as slices or cubes and accompanied by a drink such as wine, beer or ouzo.

It is offered for consumption in plastic "thermoforming" packaging with the appropriate marking, to preserve quality and hygiene.

Chiromeri wants time out of the cooler to get a delicious texture, and as it raises the temperature, its beautiful fragrances emerge.

Chiromeri (ham leg) is offered:

  • Whole without any pre-treatment and sold according to weight.
  • In pieces cleared from the bone, skin and unsuitable parts.
  • In cubes or high slices.

It takes about four months to process and mature before it is released for consumption.

The product should be stored in a refrigerator with a temperature of 2 ° C to 4 ° C for maintenance.