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Pastourmas – Beef


Beef mince, salt, garlic and various spices


Pastourma (Armenian recipe) is made with fresh beef minced meat, which is always cut in our production facility in order to check for better quality.

After the slicing, it is mixed with salt, garlic and various spices, where it stays for two to three days to mature. It is then passed into the gut (to get the sausage type look) and hung in the smoker for one day. Finally, before packing, it dries in the air for three to four days.

It is offered for consumption in plastic "thermoforming" packaging with the appropriate marking, to preserve quality and hygiene.

It is served hot in the barbeque, sandwiches, added to many dishes such as pizzas & omelets.

It can be stored in the refrigerator 0 ° C - 4 ° C for about nine months.